Who is FlashBamPow?

Acid jazz quartet FlashBamPow is like no other band you've ever seen. When they step onstage, anything can happen.

This isn’t a string of gratuitous live performances. It’s an honest journey into the defiant creative philosophy of a band known for blending complex jazz fusion, soul-drenched psychedelic jamming, eastern ragas and old top 40 tunes (remixed in bizarre, twisted ways) all into one show. FlashBamPow is their own genre. This genre evolved over many years and is the result of hard work, patience and risky creative exploration.

FlashBamPow’s unique live performances employ surreal video and imagery created by Sean Madden, who is also an award-winning artist. Madden has a reputation as a dark surrealist. His works frequently feature strange, dream-like imagery. The story’s live sequences are often punctuated by Madden’s incredibly bizarre paintings and drawings.
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  • Who is FlashBamPow?

    1h 20m

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    When guitarist Sean Madden first looked through the years of concert video, posters and photos he had stored away in his studio, he had no idea it would so graphically reveal the history, struggles and joys of playing in the acid jazz power trio, ...